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Welcome to the Cybertech Computers restricted section.
Within this section are detailed descriptions of the products and services we offer, the terms and conditions we operate under and sample agreements and contracts. Some of these details are considered, by many firms, to be commercially sensitive. However, because Cybertech Computers believes in an open and transparent business model we are happy to make these details available to all of our potential clients.
To enter this section you are required to supply some details and register a valid e-mail address to which we will send a confirmation and password that will allow you full access. You can, of course, elect not to receive any mailings other than the access password. Any details collected will be accessible to and used ONLY by Cybertech Computers Ltd, will not be passed on, sold or otherwise made available to any third party.
Once registered, your password will remain valid for 30 days which is renewed at each visit. At expiry, if you opted not to receive mailings, your details will be removed from the system.
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